David Icke's “World Wide Wake Up Tour”

Submitted by Robert Perala

David Icke's “World Wide Wake Up Tour” arrives in California at the Irvine Marriott on Saturday, Sept 17, and in the Bay Area at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond on Sept 24. The presentation is stunning as he takes the audience through an entire look at what’s unfolding around us. David states that this is the time to be fully awake and present to what’s happening to you and how it effects your current state, and your entire future.

You might say that while you were sleeping, or busy at work, there were architects of a dynamic and powerful surveillance state being put into effect. Human rights have never been affected quite like this before in that most of this surveillance lies deeply embedded in the cyber and internet world. Everywhere around you is a system that is put into place that watches what you eat, where you shop, where you do your banking, traveling, and more.

With 22 best selling books including his new publication Phantom Self, David brings out brand new information that is designed to inspire you to be fully awake to greater possibilities, and a world that works for everyone. His startling and intelligent presentation takes you through international and domestic policy, the illegal war in Iraq, chem trails, deadly vaccines, the truth about 9/11, the upper 1% of wealth hoarders who are crippling our banking system, the surveillance state, and so much more.

Another incredible facet in his tour is the examination of extraterrestrial visitation. We are being visited by extraterrestrial factions that have been here for thousands of years. David takes you through the sacred sites in Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and more. The big question on the ET agenda is, are we being controlled by a reptilian race? The answer is yes, incredibly enough. David shows us how, where, and why. Earth is being prepared to be birthed into a slightly larger picture.

It’s decision time on just about every category you can describe. The consciousness of mankind is rising. That’s the good news. The concerning news is that the technology that has the power to invade your privacy, destroy a city, or push us back to the stone age, is in the hands of madmen. This is not new news but David delivers remarkable solutions to a problem-rich world.

The presentation that you will see is simply stunning. With giant screens, powerful images, and wonderful music, this show is a life altering experience. We have entered the time of vast and sweeping changes in consciousness. It is a global phenomenon that effects every living thing. It is time to take a stand now on these life threatening issues. As David states: We can no longer afford to be passengers. We must now wake up and be the transition team we came here to be. Our future and livelihoods depend on it.

David Icke's
World-Wide Wake-Up Tour
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Submitted by Robert Perala
Sept 4, 2016
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